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30 % Discount on select Calendars

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*Valid for calendars with premium paper matte, exposed and art print papers. Valid until 12.12.2017.

20% off cards and mini leporellos

20 % Discount on selected Cards

Offer valid until 12.12.2017

* Valid for all cards with the classic paper type. Excluded are individually ordered envelopes. Valid until 12.12.2017.



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At Saal Digital you can order in comfort, because your satisfaction is a central part of our company philosophy. We want you to be happy with your products. Nevertheless, should you have a reason to place complaint, we will certainly find a satisfactory and fast resolution for you - whether it is new production, voucher or credit, we will make it right!

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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
vivian on 11.12.2017
"Thank you :)"
Customer review from 10.12.2017
"Hi All, I would like to review the product I ordered via Saal Digital. It was an Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish with an old black and white picture. Well, the product has come out really well. It has a nice quality (being an old photo) but worth the effort. The software is easy to use and it takes 1-2 week to get it delivered at your doorstep. I wish I could test other products also... to see the quality. The Alu-Dibond is on the aluminium frame so it shines when you see it under the light. So be careful which frame you want to use for your photos. I would prefer PVC foamboard or Canvas for my other photos now :) Great products I must say...!! - Payal"
Thomas on 10.12.2017
"Using this company to create to wedding albums, was really easy especially using the program offered. The first album I created was brilliant quality and very reasonable priced. Would definitely recommend to others. I will now be ordering samples and using this as part of my photography work."
Customer review from 07.12.2017
"I have just received phonebook number five from All Digital. Excellent high quality. Another order will be getting logged."
Adam on 07.12.2017
"This service was incredible! I have tried 2 other companies and this is by far the thickest paper, best layflat book and overall amazed that there was no clipping on photos (happened with others). Highly recommend to all!!!"
Mark on 06.12.2017
"I have been asked to take part in a product review for SAAL Digital’s wall art product range, I ordered a 40 x 60 Alu-Dibond print of one of my photographs. As ever SAAL’s design software is a real pleasure to use and very intuitive. If you had never ordered photographic work before you would have no issues doing so with SAAL. The communication with the company throughout was excellent as was the delivery of my artwork. The quality and sharpness of the finished image were second to none and I will definitely be using them again. The resulting work is displayed in my dining room and has had very positive comments. I have no qualms about recommending SAAL for all future printing orders to my friends and colleagues and I will be using them for a very long time to come."
Yahiya on 06.12.2017
"I have come across Saal Digital via Facebook and did not take it seriously. But surprisingly, generous £25 worth voucher came through via email and I decided to put some of our family photos from iPhones and other digital sources in to a photobook. The software is simple to use, quite intuitive and has templates already. After uploading some of the photos, I have sent my order and within few days I had a knock from courier company delivering the photobook. That was pretty fast. And know I have family photobook with precious photos I kept in my digital archives. Thanks to Saal!"
Customer review from 06.12.2017
"Thanks for the opportunity to use your service and to gain a photobooklet. The service was really easy to use and and simple and advanced controls which was interesting to see. Will be using this service again in the future."
Customer review from 05.12.2017
"Another fantastic product by a fantastic company, HIGHLY recommended!"
Peter on 05.12.2017
"As always such amazing service from you guys and delivered within the week, on the lead up to Christmas is very impressive. The quality of the product as always is top notch. Would not use any other lab now. :) Thank you so much and have a great Christmas."
Customer review from 04.12.2017
"It has been a great pleasure printing my photos with Saal Digital. They are fast, reliable, honest and do all their best to provide a client with a product of superb quality. This has been true with me, if you don't believe, just make an order) THANK YOU!!!"
Customer review from 03.12.2017
"Ordered a photobook based on the high quality of Photobooklet that I have previously purchased"
Peter on 03.12.2017
"The product is exceptional quality for the price point. Website very clear and easy to use, incredibly quick turnaround and delivery. Software if helpful, especially in a seamless link to the website for ordering and payment. One comment I would make is not most intuitive when it comes to layout options. I want to choose a layout for a page and add pictures to that. Whereas you only get the layout options as you add more pictures to a page. I want to keep a layout design and try different pictures in different spaces without it reorganising the page. Other than that TINY thing, amazing service and a super product; Highly recommend."
Dougie on 02.12.2017
"Fifth book ordered from Seal, very much impressed with every product I receive. Thank You."
Mihaita on 02.12.2017
"Highly recommend the Photo Booklets , brilliant service and fast delivery. The quality of the printing is very good and I am happy with the result of my photo book. Thank you so much for excellent quality ."