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Customer reviews

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Excerpt from recently published customer comments
Customer review from 27.07.2017
"Very happy with my photobook, beautiful print quality, very easy to use software and incredibly fast delivery. I won't hesitate to recommend Saal in the future for printing services."
Customer review from 26.07.2017
"I used this company for a project and sent the book directly to the client, they were very pleased with the quality the turnaround time and it was easy for me to do all online . Highly recomended by D.W.F.Hallett of"
Customer review from 26.07.2017
"I had recently seen an advertisement on Facebook for any Photographers looking to create a Photo book/Photo booklet to enter a few details to receive a £20 voucher. The voucher is only valid for two weeks as I have been very busy I'd not had time to create my booklet and managed to get my voucher code extended, thank you Saal-Digital Team for this and I'm looking forward to receiving my A3 size booklet!"
Donal on 25.07.2017
"My photo book (open) measure 135mm high x 270mm wide. It has a nice plastic cover front and back, outer face textured, inner face smooth. Some photos are single page (135 x 135) and some are double page (135 x 270). I am pleasantly surprised by the care and quality gone into its production. It feels great and looks beautiful. I look forward to sending more of my printing work to saal."
Customer review from 25.07.2017
"Fantastic, happy I done the review."
William on 25.07.2017
"I have ordered wall art and two photo books from Saal Digital. The service is good, quality high and delivery quick."
Lynne on 25.07.2017
"Thrilled with my photo book of Scottish gins and their garnishes. The software is very easy to use and there are many choices to frame the photos and choose different backgrounds. The overall finish is very professional. Our guests in the Gin Tasting Room are very often so impressed as they can see in an instant the photos were taken in situ. I'd love additional copies, but they would be rather expensive. The finished book is wipe-clean which is very useful as it is used while making the Perfect Serve G&T! I've also ordered cards and folding cards to promote our Gin Tasting Evenings. The cards are also wipe-clean and look very professional. I would welcome an A5 size to create a breakfast menu for our B&B."
Customer review from 25.07.2017
"Checking out with PayPal takes you on a loop, very annoying. Website is an endless loop and doesnt actually explain how to order. Otherwise, very good."
Customer review from 24.07.2017
"I was introduced to Saal via a blog post, I have literally just ordered my photobook, so cannot yet comment on the quality of that. However I can say that for the most part the photobook software downloaded from Saal is one of the easiest that I have used so far and ordering process hassle free. After around 5 minutes, controls became intuitive and ordering direct from the program is a nice bonus. My only gripe would be that I could not find an easy way of re-ordering photograph's within a template; but that may be user error! If the photobook is as good as the ordering process I will definitely use Saal for other products."
Jo on 24.07.2017
"I take photographs as a hobby, and always wondered what one of my photographs would look like printed in a really big size!! When I saw the Saal promotion I jumped at the just to give this website a go, and I am so glad that I did, the picture is FAB!! I couldn't believe that I had an email the following day to say that my print had been dispatched, wow that was quick! I went for the pvc foamboard which is great quality, the photograph I chose looks great! As you can tell I'm thrilled to bits with the end product and will most definately use Saal again, will also be recommending to friends!"
Customer review from 24.07.2017
"Whilst it took me a while to sort out the product I wanted and time taken to arrange photos for the book, I had good communication with Saal and they extended the voucher code expiry date. The software was really user friendly and enjoyable to use and also very creative with its edit tools. I've just put the order in and await a photo book . If the product is anything like the software and company in general, thus far then all will be good. Much recommended!!"
Chris on 24.07.2017
"Was very displeased when I ordered 19x19 I presumed it was inches as in my country when you are talking about image size you would go by inches not centimetres. So was very displeased when when I saw the package was tiny and there was no notification about it being centimetres on either the site or software that I could see"
T.M. on 23.07.2017
"I tried their offer with a medium sized landscape book and chose the non glossy finish. Equivalent to the old luster type paper, this i thought was a very good finish. However, one of the prints was not up to standard as it appeared to have vertical lines running through it, such as the ones you sometimes got from a medium range ink jet printer. The software was far from ideal and not very user friendly."
Riwaz on 22.07.2017
"Loved the service and the design applications, Would recommend to any photographers that want professional image printing services . Great Value for money and excellent products."
Madhur on 22.07.2017
"I ordered wall decor from saal digital and was amazed with the quality. Great Job..!! I am very satisfied with the quality and service from Saal Digital. Would love to order repeatedly. Regards, MP"